"[The program] has blown me out of my rut to be able to lead a team that is far more productive than I ever was alone."

Our Approach

We view development as a process rather than individual training events. We provide customized development program options that create an environment where leaders learn, apply, and reinforce professional management and leadership skills through a blended learning process.

Our development methodology is based on over 50 years of research and customer experience by our sister company Cleaver Company International, by our CEO Frank DuMar, and through our relationships with a number of recognized leaders in the fields of sociology, psychology, and development. We have found this strategy and methodology effective for successful development in companies and individuals. While each of these elements on their own has unique value, they are most impactful when used in conjunction with one another. Every engagement we design and implement is rooted in as many of these as possible to provide the best results for our clients.

Program Design Elements

  1. Team Based: We place all participants in small, cross-functional/cross-location teams of leaders. This team design builds connections across departments and locations and provides the strong support and accountability needed for sustaining the development process.

  2. Diagnostic-Informed Training: We utilize field-validated diagnostics to provide accurate benchmarks of strengths and development opportunities because we believe in the power of linking strategies to quantifiable data for optimal results.

  3. Company-Linked Messaging and Targets: We engage in dialogue with client sponsors, key business drivers and participants to link individual results to company mission, vision, values and targets every step of the process because we believe that initiative messaging and strategy supports both the participant and the organization at large and leads to both quantifiable and intangible results.

  4. Ongoing Development: Throughout the program, assignments are delivered through an on-line/Web-based platform. The platform delivers curriculum assignments and tracks every participant's responses. Curriculum assignments are diverse with reading, reflecting, application, and reinforcement exercises in every two week cycle. Because of the blended learning design, newly learned skills are practiced and applied in a leader's day-to-day work right after they are learned.

  5. Feedback-Rich Growth Environment: Our Resource Executivees are passionate about development; they work closely with their teams for the duration of the program holding all participants accountable and actively engaging them in the development process. Throughout the program, participants meet every two weeks for one hour conference calls we call "Team-Ups". Each Team-Up session is facilitated by the same Resource Executive and is designed to maximize learning and participation by everyone in the team. All Resource Executivees have an on-line dashboard that gives them visibility into each of their team's progress throughout the program. Resource Executivees regularly connect with participants to encourage them to take their development deeper or to provide support. All customer sponsors are also given an on-line dashboard to monitor their team's progress in the program.