Our Action Development Methodology is based on over 50 years of experience and research by our sister company Cleaver International, by our CEO Frank DuMar, and through our relationships with a number of recognized leaders in the fields of sociology, psychology, and leadership development.

Team Design for Support: We place all participants in small, cross-functional teams of leaders. This team design builds connections across departments and locations and provides the strong support and accountability needed for sustained development.

Resource Executives for Accountability: Resource Executives are responsible for guiding and pacing the leadership development program. They guide their teams through a Socratic process so that all leaders are active participants and are held accountable.

Two-Week Cycles: Throughout the program, participants meet every two weeks for one hour group conference calls we call "Team-Ups". Each Team-Up session is facilitated by the same leadership Resource Executive and is designed to maximize learning and participation by everyone in the team.

Online Curriculum: Between team-up sessions, all participants are assigned educational items where they learn skills and then are assigned tasks where they apply the skills they are learning in their day-to-day work. All participants create their own Action Development Plans for themselves for each skill they learn.

Real-Time Progress Monitoring: Real-time online dashboards show each participant their progress throughout the program and the progress of the other members of their team. Participants complete questionnaires during the program to measure their satisfaction and progress. The real-time dashboards are visible to each team's leadership Resource Executive and to the company's Human Resources/Learning & Development sponsor.

Availability of Proprietary Cleaver Tools and Instruments: Access to proprietary Cleaver tools developed over 6 decades of experience and designed to capture, benchmark, and identify development opportunities on the individual, team, or company level. Our tools were crafted for business and have been validated in the field.