20 Leadership Competencies Definitions

Knowledge of Business
Comprehension of Products, Markets, Processes, Financial, and Technical methods of operating the business or function.

Knowledge of Management
Resourcefulness in blending Manpower, Money, Products, Facilities, and Customer Service to achieve desired profits.

Vision and ability to set goals and direction in order to succeed long-term, despite obstacles and unforeseen circumstances.

Decision Making
Thoughtfulness, independence and courage to take calculated risks, often without precedent, in the face of risk and unpopularity.  Decision making is the ability to take the necessary action after arriving at a determination following due consideration of the available alternatives.

Wisdom and maturity to think rationally in order to avoid mistakes and negative after effects and to solve problems if and when they occur.  Judgment is necessary to form an opinion based on the merits of a particular case, by juxtaposing benefits and liabilities and ensuring that ultimately an appropriate decision is made and that it gains acceptance.

Imagination in anticipating and responding to the need for change, producing and implementing original ideas and innovations.  The imagination and mental agility to create value from original thought stems from two ways of thinking. First is a need to approach problems in an uninhibited, daring and unorthodox manner, and second is an intense willingness to improve quality and accuracy. These two disciplines, which may conflict, rarely take place at the same time.

Self Motivation
The intensity within which incites work effort, progress and results the development and maintenance of pace-making momentum.

Use of time (Priorities)
The Selection of and concentration on only the most vital issues, viewing time as a precious and fleeting resource.

Organizational Ability
Placement of only qualified people based on standards of excellence; blending disparate individuals together defectively to form a well-organized team.

Communication & Delegation

Communicating effectively with colleagues by using active listening, appropriate verbal and non verbal styles, authenticity, and written communication skills; Being able to connect with others, give feedback, and have confidence in communication.    The trust, courage, and ability to transfer activities, contacts, methods, and power to the right subordinates.

Succession Planning and People Development
Identification, nurturing, and development of qualified, valid Leaders who are mature enough for promotion and succession to Top Management now or in the future.

Understanding Human Behavior
Sensitivity to the feelings, actions (and inactions) of individuals in various situations; knowing how people will behave and react.

Motivation of others
Power to move others by persuasion, inspiration, or command to act on their own with confidence.

Catalytic Leadership
Thinking and communicating with enthusiasm, conviction, and spark to mobilize and motivate teams of people to achieve desired results with a firm sense of command.

Character and forthrightness to execute honestly and realistically without artifice, evasion, or deception.

Team Relationships
Skill in relating well to a wide variety of people and in making adjustments to assure company success despite personal differences with Superiors, Peers and/or Subordinates.

Discipline to Achieve Standards
Courage, commitment, and persistence to hold subordinates accountable for meeting standards; the ability to confront poor performance and to take corrective action, including removal of non-performers.

Company Dedication
Intensity of commitment, application of best effort, and enduring loyalty to the company and its mission.

Accomplishment of Objectives
Discipline and control of all variables influencing performance; effective use of all available resources to achieve desired results.

Execution of Accountability
Strength to assure responsible action on inadequacies (“bad news”) as well as producing success (“good news”) in serving the best interest of the company.